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Installation For Landscape Grass

1).Remove all sundries during placement to ensure smoothness.                                                                         
2).Brush repeatedly by hard brush to make arenaceous quartz tight after placement of arenaceous quartz.
1).Place non-woven cloth along the length of field and orientation should be vertical to the turf direction. Firmly adhere the clothes.
2).Cut the field lines according to the length specification of drawings. Firmly adhere the line straightly.
1).Place the turf in natural specification onto the non-woven cloth and joint the turfs.
1).Cut the joint turf neatly and the joint seam should be within 10mm.
2).Place joint cloth under cutting district and brush special glue for turf on joint side. Joint and strike for firm connection after merely dry.
1).After filling, must check all the positions of courts. If there is any problem or any place unsatisfied, should mend it timely.
2).Clearing away the rest turf, filament, packages, tools etc to make courts clean.


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