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Installation For Sport Grass

1: Fixing the center of the sites                                                    
1)Measuring the width and length,checking diagonal fault bit,and making a right record.
2)Drawing transverse and fore-and-aft centerlines.
3)Making centerline as benchmark,to row the location line of courts¡¯gage mark correctly according to¡¶Lineation Plan of Artificial-turf Football Courts¡·,and check that is correct.
4)Drawing location line on the ground,and to make sure that they won¡¯t be scoured off during the period of installation.
2: Unfolding the grass to both sides                                            
1)Carrying artificial turf rolls to the place beyond sideline on the same side; unfolding the first roll near the middle line,to make the first-tier grass matches courts¡¯ centerline. Should make sure the sideline of turf is straight. Neatening it to flat, and making lap marks to be straight.
2)Unfolding the second roll, should make sure it is parallel with first roll,and keeping straight of sidelines.Adjusting its location, making the second roll¡¯s sideline be intersected with first roll¡¯s,the location of intersection is following standard that the distance between first-roll¡¯s latest tier and second-roll¡¯s first tier should be in 20mm. Neatening it to flat,and making lap marks to be straight.
3)Unfolding all rolls one by one. The requirements are the same as above.
3: Cutting and triming the grass edge                                          
1) To the unnecessary sidelines, making sure the location is straight when workers are cutting, and also making sure the location of cutting is at least 5mm far away from grass¡¯s root.
2) Uncovering 300mm turf for each side that are jointed,and making sure the width of turf uncovered is almost the same.
3) Laying seaming belts (width:250mm) on the ground  uncovered, making sure they are straight and in the middle of this ground.
4: Jointing the tape and coating glue on the tape                         
1)Daubing special glue on the surface of seaming belts well-proportionedly,the width of glue daubed cann¡¯t be lower than 100mm,and its location must be in the middle of belts¡¯width.
2)Daubing special glue on the back of turf¡¯s edge,and the width of glue cann¡¯t be lower than 50mm.
5: Offer the grass edge together and flattening the grass           
1)When menstruum in glue is volatilized to the degree (the surface of seaming belts isn¡¯t sticky when touched), pressing turf to seaming belts solidly. If there is any turf stuck by glue, must clear it away.In order to enhance sticky effect, should  knock on the places jointed using rubber hammers.
2)Connecting rest turf one by one, and the requirements of installation are the same as above.    
3)If sideline isn¡¯t straight or somewhere is missed, should put seaming belts on this position, and cut suitable turf to mend it using above methods.
4)If there are lap marks or bulge that can¡¯t be straightened, sundering these places, cutting
6: Filling Quartz Sand                                               
1)arenaceous quartz process£º
Adopt specific arenaceous quartz to fix grass. Fill quartz to keep the grass above ground within 10mm. Evenly place rubber grains on the surface of grass. Prohibit sharp grain to prevent athletes from injury.
2)Fill the quartz straightly by manual.
3)Place arenaceous quartz and rubber grain after placement of artificial turf field materials.
4)Place arenaceous quartz by integral method.
5)Check if placement of arenaceous quartz is smooth and enough.
7: Filling rubber granule                                                                                                       
The same process for placement of rubber grains
8: Cleaning-up site and completing                                            
1)After filling, must check all the positions of courts.If there is any problem or any place unsatisfied,should mend it timely.
2)Clearing away the rest turf,filament,packages,tools etc to make courts clean .
3)If conditions permit,can spray the courts to make better fixedness of turf by quartz sand and rubber granule.And making turf more clean.
4)There is a point needs to explain,for the new installed courts,the surface of quartz sand and rubber granule may not be very flat, but this will be impoved later.Of course,if led by missing of quartz sand and rubber granule, need to fill new quartz sand and rubber granule timely


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