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Shanghai Easun Grass Co. Ltd.


Q:  Why should I choose Easun Turf instead of natural lawn?
A:  You can save so much money on watering, lawn mowing, lawn caring products and most of all save your precious time. Use your time to enjoy your lawn rather than spend time caring for it.
By choosing Easun Turf, you can be assured that you chose the most reputable company that completely backs every product sold.
Q:  How long will our Easun Turf artificial grass last?
A:   Our grass is basically unaffected by the elements. Our Easun turf is UV stabilized and water-resistant. Our surface has been installed indifferent corners of the world from heavy snow and freezing temperatures to excessive rain and even where they are exposed to heat and direct Sun.  We offer a 9 years warranty with durable green.
Q:  Is it pets friendly?
A:   Yes!! Easun Turf has a strong latex backing. When pets urine, it washes away and does not discolour the grass. Any sediment drains away when it rains so the grass naturally cleans itself.
Q:  Is the child friendly grass suitable for nurseries ?
A:   Any nursery would benefit from our child friendly synthetic grass. We especially recommend 4SA type as it has a curled design thus providing a softer surface. You may also wish to consider our shock pad underlay if you are concerned about critical fall heights.
Q:  What about the size and shape of my garden?
A:  The grass comes in 4m rolls and 2m roll widths and we can get whatever length you require. It is your responsibilty to measure the length and width of the garden to calculate what roll width and length you require. We can fit the grass to irregular shapes such as circles e.t.c
Q:  Can I lay the grass myself?
A:   We regularly supply customers with grass to lay the products on a DIY basis. We are available to give expert advice on the preparation and jointing techniques required.  Also please see our installations page for further details and instructions.
Q:  What type of a base is required?
A:   Generally we lay on a sand base. If your drainage is poor you require a sand and hardcore base. If your drainage is very good you can lay it directly onto compacted sod. The grass can also be laid on timber floors or any other hard floor. Gravel can also be a suitable base if a layer of sand is applied on top of the gravel and compacted.
Q:  Can I put it on top of my existing grass?
A:   It is not recommended, as the existing grass will slowly die and could cause undulations to the perfect new surface. The first operation in our installation is to remove all existing lawn to a suitable depth and replace it with a compacted drainage sand/grit base and geotextile weed preventative membrane.
Q:  Will my Easun Turf require any maintenance?
   Your Easun Turf artificial lawn will look perfectly green all year round without the need for mowing, feeding, watering or treatment of any kind. Occasionally the surface will need brushing to stop the build up of any debris such as leaves and twigs.

Q:  How long can I get the artificial grass ?
A:   It all depends the quantity you place order..
      We can supply 5,000-40,000sqm quantity grass in 5-14days.
      With professional Forwarder ,we can deliver the grass goods to every port all over the world once the production finished.


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